Mission Statement

InterBarge’s mission is to provide safe, efficient and reliable fluvial logistics solutions to its customers. Our employees and fleet are central to the success of this endeavor and, as such, we take pride in only hiring the best captains and crews in the Hidrovia and in operating and maintaining a modern fleet of convoys that can perform at the highest standards that our customers expect from us. We are committed to being our customers’ trusted partner for all their fluvial logistics needs and to always put safety, competence and environmental responsibility at the forefront of our work.

Mission Statement

The mission of InterBarge and its employees is to manage the company’s marine transportation assets and related equipment and infrastructure to maximize the services available to and satisfaction of its customers. InterBarge employees are central to the success of this endeavor and as such are treated and are required to treat others with respect and support, always putting safety, customer care and environmental responsibility at the forefront of their work.

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Safety Goal: ZERO Incidents

InterBarge maintains an unyielding commitment to safety and the environment. The core values of safe operations and the protection of the environment are not just priorities; they are the foundation upon which the company operates. At InterBarge safety is a critical part of how we do business every day. Our commitment to a strong safety and health program is an ongoing process that we strive to live up to every day.

As part of our safety program, we conduct regular safety training with our employees and authorized contractors, encourage active safety program participation, and conduct safety audits and inspections to identify and correct hazards.

The use of personal protection equipment is required for all employees and authorized contractors, as well as visitors and customers accessing our vessels and facilities.

Safety does not happen by accident; it occurs through raising the awareness of our employees, contractors, visitors, and customers; encouraging and supporting the reporting of all hazards, near-misses, injuries, accidents, and incidents; and sharing the lessons learned from these to ensure the elimination of unsafe conditions, practices, and hazards in the future.


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